My work and myself

I like it when it is lively, I like it when there is action, I like it when it’s beautiful. Whether in a studio, outside, a photo-reporting, as long as there is life, it appeals to me! To catch live, to catch the smile, to capture the look, The expression, The moment, that is what amuses me, what I like, what I do….

What i like

The fun stuff • tatoos • Thailand • dogs • couscous • Radiohead • Fincher’s films • to make people happy • thrills of pleasure • to take a bath • amazing beaches • light • champagne • BBQ with pals • foreign languages • things that make you cry • my son’s laugh • geeks’ tricks • requiems • my wife’s cuddles • trips • and so many other things…

What i hate

Cauliflower • morons • Peppa Pig • to wait in a line • wasps • the ridiculous output of my wifi at home • to be missing butter in the morning • train delays • to switch to winter time (that is really something which I hate!) • morons • beef tongue • burials • morons • morons • and morons !

Her you are, you know a bit more about myself...

Come to Life Studio Photo to get your picture taken, without having to stay still! Let’s go and immortalize your parties of all sorts, your moments together, just the two of you, your wedding, your youngest’s baptism, your farewell party, or even your honeymoon trip if you so wish!! (I can’t fit in a suitcase but we could find solutions!) There are so many important moments… I would be delighted to share them with you and to give you faithful pictures of the emotions you will have felt…

This may be a good way to watch what you have not seen…!

My amazing friend videographer

Tarentinoïz… Mr Sylvain Berger.

The first video that I saw of him was of his wife and daughter jumping on a wooden bridge, hand in hand, in slow motion… it made me shudder and I told myself « I must work with this guy!» It is a done thing now and has been for the past 3 years. About 50 weddings together. If you think that pictures are essential, so is video. They are complementary and so different.

His last video

His website

Real Professionals

They are real pros, we get on very well with one another, they do a great job, are a true asset for your wedding…  I strongly recommend them!

Tarentinoiz Amazing videographer

Jérémie Sesanne Wedding Planner

Fleurs de fée Wedding design

Atelier d’or Awesome Handmade Wedding rings

Nuit Blanche DJ Crazy DJ

Virginie Hair dresser and make up

Chloé Make up

Velvet Rendez vous Fun and beautiful stuff to decorate your wedding